Wednesday, January 26, 2011

My AME pain

It pains me to see,
What's happening in the AME Ministry,
Especially what's been happening at St. John's AME,
Sum members making a mockery of the Christian ministry,
This isn't easy for me to say,
But I feel I should just stay away,
Coz it looks like we'll never see the light of day, With all the gossip that's been spread around.
I feel it's bringing AME'S name down.
Why can't things just stay the same,
Why do our Pastors get the blame.
Why do we let others decide whom our Pastors should be,
When we are the ones who follow the ministry.
Without the members where would the Church be,
Just a building standing free,
That's something I really don't wanna see.
But I feel I'm a bit too late, But then again the GOD we serve is great.
HE'S the only one who can save us now.
& Prayer is the only way how.
So I ask u to plz pray with me.
& help the AME Ministry...

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